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Daniel Stephens - Actor/Bestselling Author

Born January 3, 1987 in Spartanburg, SC. Daniel is the son of Alan and Cyndi Stephens. Spouse Megan Stephens and Child Isabella Stephens. He grew up getting involved in sports and martial arts which allowed him to become very athletic. He really enjoyed martial arts that he was able to reach his 2nd degree black belt at such a young age. Once Daniel became of age he got into track and field where he succeeded to be one of the top sprinters in the state and landing him a track scholarship at a collegiate level. He kept up with his martial arts and combat training during his off time and developed his skills more and more. Daniel enjoys playing the piano in his free time as well. He joined a band for a few months after deciding school was more important and wanted to get his degree at the University of South Carolina in Exercise Science. While obtaining his undergrad, Daniel got involved in the gym during his collegiate years working hard to develop his strength but also body physique. He eventually landed himself on Team USA WNPF Team. With two gold Medals, a national championship and several state wins and several records under his belt, he finally retired competitive weightlifting but remains very active in the gym and body building. Daniel decided after making a couple appearances on local TV shows that he wanted to make his way to the big screen. In February of 2018 he auditioned for Stisa Talent Agency in Spartanburg SC and signed on. Daniel since then has worked on many projects one being a recurring role on a popular TV Show "ATL Homicide." He continues to grow and enhance his skills to become a more successful actor.

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